What is residential solar and why have it?

A residential solar power system converts sunlight into clean, free electricity for use in your home.

Now is a great time to install solar panels thanks to the attractive government rebates which can substantially cut your upfront costs. Plus, there’s the good feeling that comes from knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment.

  • Cut your electricity bills
  • Make the most of government rebates
  • Achieve a fast payback – 3-4 years (avg)
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Five great reasons to ‘go solar’

  1. Save money on electricity.
    With electricity prices continuing to rise, generating free power from the sun makes good financial sense.
  2. Generous rebates.
    As government rebates are being phased out slowly (both at federal and state levels) installing solar sooner, rather than later, is a smart move.
  3. Lower prices = fast payback.
    Falling prices for solar panels, combined with government rebates, means many of our residential customers are achieving a payback of three or four years.
  4. Energy self-sufficiency.
    Many people are choosing to install a larger system – typically 8kW or more – with eye to the future when home battery storage and electric vehicles become the ‘new normal’.
  5. ‘Doing your bit’ for the environment.
    A typical 8kW solar PV system in Melbourne will save around 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to 64 fewer cars over the system’s 25-year lifetime.

It’s like having a power station on your roof

Residential Solar Install

There are many factors to consider when looking at purchasing a solar system, the two most common are financial and technical.


Our solar consultants will ensure you get the right system to meet your power requirements, offering the best return on your investment. Using the information from your electricity bill they will:

  • Work out how much electricity you use and when.
  • Let you know whether solar is a good financial investment for you, based on your power usage.
  • Recommend the best size – and type – of system for your home.

For total peace of mind, all our solar systems come with a performance guarantee. This guarantees the amount of power your system will produce over a given period of time (you’ll see this specified in your Solar Proposal).  If your system doesn’t generate the promised power, we’ll fix it at our cost.


Residential Solar Install

As well as the panels and the inverter, another vital component of a rooftop solar system is the monitoring. This is the brains of your system, providing you with real-time data on your system’s performance.

The most advanced monitoring systems will show you:

  • how much power your system is generating
  • how much solar power is being used in your home
  • what you are exporting to the grid
  • the amount of power you are having to buy from the grid – and what it’s costing you

Talk to us about your solar monitoring requirements. We can provide you with the monitoring solution that’s going to put you in complete control of your electricity costs.

Incentives and Feed-in tariff

Federal Government solar incentives are being phased out from January 2017 to 2030.

The graph below shows the value of the Federal Government’s incentive based on a 5kW solar system. By 2030, you can see that this incentive is only going to be worth a couple of hundred dollars.

State Government solar incentives are also available. For example the Victorian Government’s Solar Homes Program offers solar panels and battery rebates as well as an interest-free loans. However these rebates are scaling back in value as well.

Don’t wait for the price of solar to increase. Speak to one of our solar consultants today about getting the best possible deal whilst the incentives are at their highest.

Graph: Australian STC over time

The feed-in tariff is the amount you will be reimbursed on your bill for exporting excess electricity to the grid.

If your solar system is generating more power than you are consuming at any given time the excess power is exported.
Find out more (energy.vic.gov.au)

Battery Storage

In addition to the feed-in tariff, there is another option for your excess electricity – store it. Over the last few years, battery storage has become more viable due to technology improvements, falling costs and government rebates.

We supply and install many types of batteries including the leading on-grid and off-grid battery brands.

Book a solar consultant today to find out what a battery system can do for you.

Find out more about Battery Storage

Some of our happy residential customers

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