My internet has lost connection to my Inverter.

Once I have accepted a quote and paid a deposit what happens next?

Our customer support team will be in contact within 48hours to advise of the next steps.

If you are applying for the Solar Victoria Rebate, they will assist you with your application details.

I have been approved for Solar Victoria Rebate, what happens now?

Congratulations on being approved.

You would’ve received a QR code , please send this to so we can add this onto your account.

A member of our customer support team will be in contact to advise of the next steps regarding your site inspection (if required) or installation date.

Once I have been installed what happens?

Our customer support team will be in contact to with you to complete our “next steps” call.

In this call they will:

  • Confirm payment of final balance (this is required to action the electrical inspection)
  • Setup your inverter monitoring and provide you with access.
  • Explain that due to updated regulations, your solar system is now required to be switched off until the electrical inspection is completed. (electrical inspector is 3rd party and government regulated).
  • Electrical inspections are required to be completed within 7-10 working days.
  • Once the electrical inspection is completed and we have received your “grid connect” paperwork we will then submit it to your electricity retailer and distributor for processing. To ensure our customers are on the same page, we will cc you in on all emails sent for your reference. Once the electricity retailer has received your “grid connect” paperwork they will then complete a “Meter reconfiguration” which basically means they update the software in your smart meter to enable you to send power back to the grid for an agreed “feed-in Tariff” (this is normally 10-12c per kwh sent back to them) this “meter reconfiguration” process can take up to 21 business days. But we always suggest calling the following day (after the paperwork is sent via email) to follow up. Rest assure though, when your electrical inspection is completed, your system is switch on and operating. Which means you can generate power for self-use and start benefiting straight away. The only thing that you will not be able to do, is send power back to the grid for a ‘feed-in tariff” (until the meter reconfiguration process is completed).

How do I know if my Inverter is experiencing High Grid voltage?

The first sign of high voltage issues will be your system’s production going down in the middle of a hot, clear day, particularly when you are exporting power to the grid. Hot, clear days have a higher likelihood of increasing grid voltage as solar PV systems in the area produce peak levels of energy.

Heat also increases resistance in the grid’s cables, forcing higher voltages out of the inverter than it would normally experience. The inverters must produce higher voltage than the grid itself to return power back to it, but they are not allowed to exceed 255V.

So if the grid voltage reaches high enough levels, the inverter may need to ramp down or shut off completely as it will not be able to exceed this point and will have nowhere to send the excess power.

What do I do if I am getting High Grid Voltage?

Contact us to confirm who your Electricity distributor is (electricity distributor own and manage the poles and wires).

Then make direct contact with your Electricity distributor to lodge a complaint. Unfortunately, due to privacy we are not able to call on your behalf to lodge a complaint.

We will be able to prepare you with what to say and provide you with any data that will support your case.

Powercor PH: 13 22 06
United Energy PH: 1300 131 689
Ausnet Services PH: 1300 360 795
Jemena PH: 1300 131 871

How long does my Grid Connect paperwork take to be completed?

From when our customer support agents submit your paperwork to your electricity retailer or your distributor it can take up to 21 business days.

We suggest contacting your retailer / distributor to get an update where possible. As they will not speak to us due to privacy reasons.

I am getting Solar Installed; can I change electricity retailers?

You can, however we highly suggest that you do not change your electricity retailers until your solar has been completed and you have received your first electricity bill.

This will ensure all your “grid connect” paperwork has been processed and completed.
If you happen to change retailers in the middle of your solar installation, this may delay the timeframe of your grid connect completion date.

I do not understand my Monitoring Platform

Please feel free to contact our customer support team on 03 9117 6185 or with email to book a time to go though your monitoring portal. We will provide you with a 10min tutorial and send you some guides for future reference.

I do not understand the charges on my electricity bill

The best people to discuss this with is your Electricity retailer, they will be able to run through the entire bill and explain each line item/charge to you in detail. Most of the time, electricity retailers have explainer videos located on their website.
For any reason you cannot get through to them, please feel free to contact us and we can run through it with you.

What is Generation?

Generation is the electricity created by your Solar PV System.

What is Export?

Export is the excess electricity created from your solar PV system; this excess electricity is sent back to the grid via your smart meter. In most cased when you send electricity back to the grid, you will receive a feed-in tariff. (This is usually 6.7c per kwh sent back to the grid).

What is Import?

When your Solar PV system is not generating enough electricity for your homes consumption you will then require to import/use electricity from the grid. This is shown on your electricity bill as a peak or Off-peak charge.

What is Consumption?

Consumption is a term used to describe the electricity/power that is being either self-consumed from your solar PV systems generation and or electricity/power being imported from the grid. (Self-consumption from your solar PV systems generation is electricity/power you don’t pay for but imported electricity/power from the grid is what you are charged for).

My neighbor has solar installed, and they are generating more than my system, Why?

Yes, every system is not the same. It depends on the location of your panels, if there are any shading in your area, such as trees, a tv antenna, and in some cases clouds or the direction of the sun.

Panels also vary in size so you could possibly have a 300w panels installed but your neighbor could have a 330w panel installed. However, you can see your Generation, Consumption, Export and Import via your monitoring portal.

I have been provided with a panel layout in my quote, but I would like to make changes prior to being installed.

Not a problem at all. Most changes can be made depending on your roof. If changes are needed to be made please speak with the electrician on site to see if the changes you are wanting to make can be completed. Once a design has been agreed, the electrician will ask that you sign a copy of the checklist on site confirming the panel layout design.

When do I need to make payment for the final balance?

We require payment on the day of installation. You will be sent your final balance the day before your installation by our operations team. Then our customer service team will contact you once the installation has been completed to complete the payment via credit card (surcharges apply) or confirm payment has been made via bank transfer. (please ensure you use the customer reference provided if making a bank transfer).

Once a payment has been made please send confirmation of the transaction to

Do I need to get my Solar PV system serviced?

Yes, we do recommend getting your solar system serviced every 12 months.

This is a service we do offer. Contact our customer service team and they will be able to organize this for you.

How do I clean my Solar Panels?

You can clean your panels with water and a soft bristle brush. We do offer service and cleans you can book this by contacting our customer service team.

I have two meters on site, will I require a truck appointment?

Yes, if you have two meters on site, they will be required to be consolidated into one.
Pricing is case by case bases (dependent on distributor) but in most cases it will cost between $500-$800.

I have moved into a new home and I do not have an internet connection. What can I do regarding my inverter monitoring?

If you do not have internet on the day of installation, that is ok. We can still install your Solar PV system, and have it connected but unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you with access to the monitoring platform or remotely monitor it for you. Once your internet is connected, we can send you a guide to connect the inverter to the internet and set it up for remote monitoring. But if you require us to reattend to assist a call out fee will apply.

My system was installed a while ago, am I able to add additional panels?

Yes, depending on the current size of your system we may be able to add additional panels. Please call the office and we can get you in contact with one of our Sales consultants to discuss your options.

What is export limitation and what does it mean for me?

Export limiting is determined by your local electricity distributor and involves using additional hardware to limit the amount of power your solar PV inverter can export back to the grid.
To be completely clear, export limitation only limits the amount of energy you can
send back to the grid, not what you can consume at any given time.So, if you have a 6.6 KW Solar PV system installed and the electricity distributor has approved a 0kw export. This will mean you will be able to generate and consume 6.6KW of power within your household (or store in a battery) but you will not be able to export any power back to the grid. (for a feed-in tariff).

Why do I need a WIFI EXTENDER?

Having a strong internet connection to the inverter will ensure you will have access to your systems generation and consumption data in real time (via a mobile app or web browser) and most importantly we are able to remotely access your system to troubleshoot any future issues and provide you with the after sales service you deserve.

Internet connection and wi-fi strength is the owner’s responsibility.

If you believe your wi-fi strength is not strong enough to connect to the inverter we suggest installing a wi-fi extender.