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Specialized Solar featured on Channel 9Life

Who wouldn’t want a home that’s beautiful, truly sustainable, and cheap to run?

If you’re looking for inspiration on the home front, Channel 9Life has some fabulous lifestyle shows that will get your creative juices flowing.

But beauty alone is not enough these days. Most of us want our dream home to come with low power bills and a small carbon footprint. We want the mod cons, comfort, and convenience.

But we don’t want to be hit with high energy running costs or feel like we’re harming, rather than helping, the environment.

The good news is that with the right advice – from experts like Specialized Solar & Electrical – you can have it all. Beauty, comfort, low energy bills and a home that’s easy on the planet.

Solar Dream Homes created by Specialized Solar

At Specialized Solar & Electrical we’re chuffed that Channel 9Life has chosen to feature our company in their flagship lifestyle shows – Open Homes Australia and Renovate or Rebuild

We love being part of these series, showcasing the solar and energy efficiency solutions we’ve created for homeowners.

There’s nothing quite like seeing inside other people’s homes and hearing – in their own words – about why they decided to install solar power and how it’s working for them.

Getting tips from people who are well on the road to energy self-sufficiency; that’s gold in anyone’s book!

Check out recent episodes featuring Specialized Solar

Open Homes Australia: Episode 9

Open Homes: Lana and Matt.
Open Homes: Lana and Matt.

Tree-changers, Lana and Matt, achieve “technically off-grid” living on their Pakenham Upper rural property with the help of solar dream team led by Specialized Solar & Electrical. The secret, according to the couple, is to take small steps rather than do it all at once.

Renovate or Rebuild: Episode 7

Renovate or Rebuild

Black Rock couple, Kylie and Andrew, take advice from Specialized Solar & Electrical on how to make their family home as energy efficient as possible. Solar system sizing, power outage protection and battery storage are all on the cards.

Read our Episode 7 recap.

Channel 9 News: Bushfire Safety Boost for Malmsbury

This is a great result for the Malmsbury community. It ensures we can operate and respond from the fire station during a power outage and it can also be a hub for the community at the same time
Tony Stephens, Malmsbury Fire Brigade Captain

In collaboration with the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) Specialized Solar & Electrical installed a solar and battery storage system for Malmsbury CFA Fire Station and Hepburn Recreation Reserve.

The system demonstrated how clean energy and battery storage can help protect communities from the threat from emergency disasters; guaranteeing back-up power should a disaster affect communication systems, storage of medicines, food refrigeration and internet in the community. It also allows for critical operations to continue running and means powered shelter is available for members of the community with no power to their homes during a time of crisis.

This project was funded by a grant from Bank Australia, contributions from the Malmsbury Fire Brigade and through CVGA’s MASH Community Solar Bulk Buy program,

Read our case studies: Malmsbury Fire Station | Hepburn Recreation Reserve
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Get the best advice before you build

Building or renovating is something most of us do only once in our lives. That’s why getting the best advice before you start is so important.

Get it right, and you’ll have an energy efficient home that’s sustainable on your wallet and the environment for years to come.

Specialized Solar & Electrical: the recognized experts

At Specialized Solar & Electrical, we’re recognized experts in solar power and energy efficiency for households across Victoria and NSW.

No matter what stage you’re at with your build – or whether you’re planning a renovation, upgrading your solar or starting with a blank slate – we can help.

Take control of your energy costs. Get in touch with us today.