Why choose Specialized Solar for your off grid system?

With Specialized Solar as your off grid installer, you can be sure your off grid system will provide the power you need, when you need it. Guaranteed power 24/7, 365 days a year – that’s our promise!

  • Accredited off grid experts
  • Off-grid solutions for households and businesses
  • Comprehensive energy audit prior to quotation
  • Proven technology, best-in-class products

Why go off grid?

Cutting the connection to the grid and becoming 100 per cent energy self-sufficient is a goal that many households and businesses have. It’s a great feeling to be completely independent from the grid.

But it’s more than just that.

With your own power supply, you’re fully protected from escalating energy prices. No electricity bills. No daily supply charges. No need to worry about the impact of a possible energy crisis on your lifestyle or business.

Plus – you’ll probably get better quality electricity. No voltage rises that damage your expensive electrical appliances or machinery. No blackouts that stop you in your tracks or result in loss of income.

No wonder off-grid is so popular!

And of course, if you don’t have an existing grid connection, an off-grid system will be a more economical solution by far.

Off-grid tiny house / office space

Going off grid. What’s involved?

Installation of an off grid system requires expert planning and design. Every system is tailored to case-specific needs and challenges such as end-user behaviour, energy consumption patterns, local-climate aspects, and shade-history.

We sit down with every customer and complete a comprehensive energy audit. This is used to map your current or expected load profile. With this information, we design a fully customised system and provide a written quotation.

Advanced remote monitoring is included with all our off-grid systems. We also provide support packages that include 24/7 monitoring and support. So, if there’s an issue, we’re onto it right away.

And because we operate across the whole of regional Victoria and NSW, we can quickly get tech support to your installation no matter how remote it is.

Off-grid isolated house.

What if you already have a grid connection?

If you have energy available in the street, we generally recommend that the mains grid is used as your emergency backup as it will be more cost-effective. In this situation, we can design and install a grid-connect battery storage system to provide you with as much energy independence as possible.

Australian-made, quality off grid products

Because with off-grid there’s no room for mistakes, we only supply and install the very best equipment.

We are partners and authorised installers for RedEarth, one of Australia’s pre-eminent manufacturers off off-grid and on-grid storage systems. We also supply and install high quality lithium batteries which have been tested and certified to work in combination with RedEarth products.

RedEarth Energy Storage - Australian-made energy storage systems. Scalable on-grid and off-grid solutions that best suits your current needs.RedEarth Energy Storage products

Fully accredited

Clean Energy Council Approved Solar RetailerEnergy Safe Victoria - Registered Electrical Contractor - REC: 31981Smart Energy Council MemberSpecialized Solar and Electrical - RedEarth authorised partner

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