Why choose Specialized for your off-grid solution?

  • Your enquiry will be handled by accredited off-grid experts who take the time to customise a system to your needs.
  • Pre-installation energy audits undertaken to ensure you have enough power when you need it.
  • Expert electrical engineering and design.
  • Use of use proven technologies and best-in-class products

Going Off-grid – Important Considerations

Installing a Stand Alone Power System (off-grid or SAPS system) requires expert planning and design from the start.

We sit down with every customer and complete a comprehensive energy audit so we can map your current or expected load profile. With this information, we design a suitable system and provide a written quotation.

At Specialized Solar we understand that every home and family’s energy requirements are different.

A rural property will have different energy and time of use needs compared to a metropolitan household.

We also understand that the desire to be totally self-sufficient and independent from the grid is a very strong motivation for a lot of families.

Offgrid system diagram

Going off-grid requires a different ‘lifestyle mindset’ to being on-grid. The responsibility of appropriate energy management will become a permanent factor in the home.

NB: All off-grid systems require a backup generator in case of an emergency or to cope with unexpected load demands in the middle of winter or long periods of inclement weather. A back-up generator is also essential to protect you from any unforeseen disruption to your power production (e.g storm damage to solar array, wiring or isolators).

If you have energy available in the street, we often recommend that the mains grid is still considered for use as your emergency backup as it will be a lot more cost-effective. We can size a grid-connect battery storage system to provide you with as much self-sufficiency as possible.

For all your off-grid enquiries, please call our friendly team of experts to arrange a planning meeting and energy audit.