Specialized Solar is one of the fastest growing solar companies in Australia, providing high quality solar power and battery storage systems for residential and commercial customers.

A Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited Solar Retailer and a Smart Energy Council member, Specialized Solar is one of the top 150 Victorian solar providers by volume. With dedicated Sales and administration staff at offices in Melbourne and across regional Victoria, the Specialized Solar team are well-placed to respond to customer requirements throughout the state and, increasingly, in other parts of Australia.

We are also the CVGA MASH program preferred CEC accredited Solar Retailer for Swan Hill Rural city council, Loddon Shire, Central Goldfields shire, Pyrenees Shire, Buloke Shire, and Ararat Rural City Council.

Specialized Solar Showroom

Helping customers make the most of solar

Specialized Solar is committed to providing the advice, systems and support to ensure residential and commercial clients realise the benefits from their investment in solar and battery storage. In practice, that means designing systems that are fit for purpose, robust and maximise bill savings.

In-house, the focus is on quality process management so that each step in the installation process is effectively controlled. The ultimate goal for every staff member at Specialized Solar is to do their bit to ensure that each customer is 100% satisfied with their system.

Comprehensive support

Once a system is installed, the Specialized Solar team is fully committed to providing top-notch, responsive after-sales support. A broad range of services are provided including advice on how to maximise system performance, adding battery storage and advanced monitoring capabilities down the track, managing voltage-related issues and responding promptly to any warranty claims.

Performance Guarantee

Specialized Solar has a performance guarantee alongside our normal warranty to provide you with peace of mind.

Positive customer reviews

Specialized Solar is rated highly for its quality processes and responsive customer service. It is a Gold Rated Supplier on the Solar Quotes website and scores well on Google Reviews. Here’s what some household customers have to say:

We have found in dealing with Specialized Solar that they have been very professional.
In addition, they provided excellent customer service and have an extensive knowledge in the various system configurations and panel requirements.
From the time they quoted our job, and to the final installation, they provided us with ongoing follow up phone & e-mail communications.
This made the process easier for us as it provided clear timelines & they managed the “Red Tape” associated with these types of works.
We would recommend Specialized Solar to anyone that was thinking of installing Solar Panels
Susan Mollica
I would highly recommend these guys to all my friends and family. Great service, great product knowledge and great advice on something I didn’t know much about.
Lauren Gatt

Corporate clients and partners regard Specialized Solar highly as well, including the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation that owns and manages community solar bulk-buys across central and northern Victoria.

As a result of a competitive tender process, we appointed Specialized Solar Solutions as the exclusive solar provider for the Mallee Sun Solar Bulk Buy, a council-supported bulk-buy program rolling across a number of LGAs including the Rural City of Swan Hill. We consider them true partners in the delivery of this major project. The results so far have been excellent, and the program looks set to deliver on our expectations.
Jo Kaptein, Program Lead, Mallee Sun Solar Bulk Buy, Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance

Long-term outlook

Solar has the reputation for being a notoriously volatile industry, with companies coming and going all the time. For customers looking for a solar provider with a long-term outlook – and one that’s committed to honouring their warranties – Specialized Solar is a great choice. That’s because it is part of Specialized Heating and Cooling Pty Ltd, a highly successful business founded over 35 years ago that is 100% Australian-owned and operated.

Today, as a multi-million-dollar company operating successfully across complementary markets, the Specialized Group has the financial strength and commitment to help its customers make the most of their investment in solar – and to play a key role in this country’s transition to renewable energy.

Specialized Solar: 100% focused on helping customers to cut their power bills and become more energy-independent by providing solar systems that are built to deliver.
Clean Energy Council Approved Solar RetailerSmart Energy Council MemberTesla Powerwall Certified Installer