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About Fronius

Founded in Austria in 1945, Fronius is recognised as one of the best solar inverter manufacturers in the world.

Fronius is both a global technology leader and a family-run business. Represented in over 60 countries, Fronius has over 4,500 employees who work in three divisions – solar energy, battery charging and welding.

Fronius originally started as a manufacturer of welding and battery charging equipment more than 70 years ago. The company’s experience in high performance welding inverters proved to be the ideal launchpad for moving into the design and manufacture of solar inverters. In 1992, Fronius entered the solar market and launched its first solar inverter in 1994.

Today, Fronius inverters are widely considered to be amongst the highest quality, most reliable inverters in the world. All Fronius solar inverters are engineered, designed and manufactured in Austria. Their reputation for excellence is backed by exceptional service and technical support.

In 2010, Fronius opened its Australian office, based in Melbourne, where it provides customer service and technical assistance for its solar products. Fronius inverters are amongst the two most popular inverter brands in Australia* due to their reliability and performance in demanding environments, including extreme heat.

Given its impressive track record and stability, Fronius is well-placed to maintain and build on its position as one of the world’s leading solar inverter manufacturers.

Fronius inverters

Fronius inverters are widely regarded as the best quality, most reliable string solar inverters available. Their efficiency and high levels of performance, even in extreme heat, make them ideally suited for the Australian climate.

With power categories from 1.5 to 27 kW, Fronius solar inverters are suitable for virtually any size solar installation, both residential and large-scale commercial.

The high level of customer service provided by Fronius in Australia have made them the inverter of choice for homeowners and organisations of all sizes.

Fronius inverters are rated as the #1 solar inverter in Australia in 2020 for both residential and commercial use according to industry authority, Clean Energy Reviews.

Top benefits of Fronius solar inverters:

  1. Perform effectively, even in extreme heat
    With fan-forced active-cooling system, Fronius inverters work efficiently on hot sunny days without noticeable loss in performance, even in temperatures up to 50 degrees Celcius. (Most other inverters use passive cooling systems which do not provide the same performance levels in extreme conditions).
  2. Quick and easy installation
    The unique ‘snap-in’ design of Fronius inverters means they are faster to install and service.
  3. User-friendly online monitoring
    Built-in Wifi monitoring provides easy-to-understand information about the performance of your solar system, at home or on the move.
  4. Neat installation
    Fronius installations look neat and tidy as the DC isolator and string fusing is built into each Fronius inverter.
  5. Excellent support
    Trained Fronius Service Partners are able to carry out repairs at your premises without having to replace the device right away.
  6. Easy to ‘export limit’
    If your local network distributor insists on limiting the amount of electricity your solar power system can export to the grid, the Fronius inverter can be set up to limit your solar exports to meet the requirements of your solar connection agreement. (Note, this requires the addition of a Fronius Smart Meter).
  7. Easy to integrate with home automation devices
    The open interfaces on Fronius inverters facilitate straightforward integration into home automation systems. This means electrical devices can be switched on and off from a tablet or a smartphone according to the time, weather, etc.
  8. Extremely low recorded failure rate.
    If a failure occurs, Fronius usually ship replacement units in 3-5 business days.
Fronius Solar Web Monitoring Portal

Fronius Warranty

All Fronius string inverters are accompanied by 5 years Fronius Warranty Plus. By registering at, customers can receive an additional 5 years warranty free of charge. Customer service and technical support for Fronius inverters is provided from Fronius’ Australian office in Tullamarine, near Melbourne.

Fronius Solar Inverters – Models

Fronius Primo Inverters

Residential single-phase string inverters, 3kW to 8.2kW
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Fronius Symo & ECO Inverters

3-phase string inverters, 3.0kW to 27kW
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*Choice Solar Survey 2018


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