Energy-smart homes and businesses

We create efficient, comfortable living and working spaces by offering a range of electrical services that cut your power bills and CO2 emissions.

No job is too small. Even if it’s just new power points for your home, get in touch! We aim to be the company you turn to for any of your electrical needs – from a split system or switchboard upgrade to LED lighting and advanced power saving solutions.

What we do

  • Split systems
  • Security systems
  • LED lighting
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Power points
  • Make safe electrical and gas inspection

Split systems

Split System Air Conditioners

We stock the leading brands of split systems to make heating and cooling your home or business a breeze! If you are using gas heating to warm your home, this can account for up to 60 percent of your gas bill. A quality split system can reduce that portion of your bill by around 25 percent. What’s more, if you have solar power you can heat and cool your living and working spaces for free when the sun is shining.

Security systems

When it comes to the security of your property, you don’t want to compromise. Providing the right level of protection for your home or business is our business! With a huge array of security systems on the market, finding the best one to meet your needs requires specialist knowledge. Leave that to us. We have the expertise in residential and commercial security systems to ensure that your assets are properly safe-guarded.

LED lighting

Security Camera

Lighting accounts for 10% of the average household electricity budget; more for businesses. By switching to LED lights, you will use around 75 percent less energy than halogen light bulbs – plus they last five to ten times longer. Approved LED lights are eligible for a form of subsidy called VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates). This subsidy will either completely cover the cost of your lighting upgrade or subsidise it. The good news is that it’s available for both homes and businesses.

Switchboard upgrades

Making sure your switchboard is safe and can handle the electricity requirements of your home or business is vital. Electrical safety is a paramount consideration. If you have an older style property and your switchboard hasn’t been upgraded for a long time, it’s worth getting it checked. With more electrical appliances being used in our homes and businesses, it’s important that your switchboard is able to handle the electrical workload without a hitch.

Power points

Having power points installed in the right places in your home and business can make a huge difference. We live in a world where access to power is essential for so much of what we do – our phones, iPads, entertainment systems, cooking and lighting. Putting thought into exactly where the power points are located in each room can transform a room into a welcoming, efficient and well-functioning space.  Don’t compromise. Talk to us to get the power where you want it in your home or business.

Make safe electrical and gas inspections

Changes to the Rental Tenancies Act which came into force in March 2021 means that landlords have new stricter obligations for ensure the electrical and gas safety of their rental properties. For example, an electrical safety check for all landlord-provided electrical appliances, installations and fittings is now mandatory every two years. This is also the case for all gas installations and fittings. Plus there are new standards for switchboard safety. Don’t get caught out with non-compliance – get in touch with us today.

Energy-efficiency audits

With many homes and businesses keen to become all-electric, the question is where to start. We can help by providing an energy audit that identifies the most practical and cost effective ways to reduce your energy consumption and costs. We’ll review your energy usage data and put in place monitoring tools that put you in control of your power. Next, we produce a prioritized, costed list of the changes that we can implement for you. For example, we can automate your power usage to ensure you are using power at the best time of day (for instance to take advantage of your solar generation or time-of-use electricity tariff). Our objective is to transform your property into one that is energy efficient and costs you less to run.