Why invest in solar for your business?

Solar is a smart business decision, particularly if you have a 9-5 business. That’s because you can offset most of your electricity usage with the power from your solar system.

A payback period of 2 years is not uncommon and many of our customers have systems that are cash-flow positive from day one.

  • Fast payback
  • Generous government incentives
  • Green environmental image

Commercial Solar Installations

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Whether it’s a small 10kW, a 100kW solar system – or a long-term income generating 100kW-plus solution – Specialized Solar will ensure you have the right system for your business and can advise on the most suitable financing solutions if required.

10-30kW systems

​Systems of this size generally don’t require a special application to the electrical distributor, apart from an initial online pre-application submission. 10kW per phase is generally immediately approved and the system installation process can commence on signing of the sales contract. It is worth knowing that sometimes limitations to allowable installed size may occur if the network distributor’s transformer capacity has been met or exceeded.

30-100kW systems

​These larger systems require a special feasibility assessment and application to your electrical distributor. Expert solar engineering planning, assessment and administration is required for an application to be successful and move forward smoothly. Our expert team of professionals and solar engineers will undertake a consultative process with your network distributor on your behalf. A Renewable Generator Approval package is then submitted to the distributor for assessment.

>100kW (LGC) systems

​This is similar to the application process for 30-100kW systems but requires extra collaboration with the electricity network distributor. We carry out the engineering due diligence so you know what is required to gain distributor approval for your installation. A comprehensive feasibility study on every project over 30kW is carried out by our team in line with electricity distributor requirements. From there we prepare a Renewable Generator Approval package for submission.

Commercial solar solution success stories

Read about how we’ve assisted businesses, large and small, with great solar solutions for their specific needs.

Some of our commercial customers