Why choosing the right EV charger matters

Select the right EV charger and you’ll benefit from fast, convenient charging day and night. But why stop there? Go ‘next level’ with a smart EV charger that allows you to schedule charging sessions when solar output is available. That way you make the best use of your solar system and drive for free. The technology is available right now – and at Specialized Solar & Electrical we can make it happen for you!

EVs and the all-electric home

The writing is on the wall for fuel-injection cars. The same is true for gas in our homes. There’s no doubt that the future home will be all-electric with an electric vehicle (or two) in the garage. And the electricity powering our cars and homes will be from renewable sources, with solar tipped to be in pole position.

Charge your EV with your solar

Charging your EV with your own solar energy makes sense. It’s like strawberries and cream. They’re the perfect combination. Naturally there are some set-up costs involved. But the benefits are enormous. Just think, you can become almost entirely self-sufficient for your household energy including your car. Then, if electricity prices go through the roof – a likely occurrence – you’ll be sitting pretty!

How much solar power do I need to charge an EV?

The short answer is around 4kW to 5kW of solar panels. The longer answer is that it depends on how far your drive every day, your EV’s battery size and the range. To learn more, check out this useful article that shows you how to crunch the numbers for your model EV.

Benefits of having the right EV charger set-up

  • Powerful: Up to 8x faster than a standard charger
  • Compatible: Optimised for your household’s electricity supply and your model EV
  • Lowest cost driving: Use your free solar power to charge your car
  • Smart: Control when your car is charged and how much charge it receives
  • Connected: Manage your charger from any computer or smart device
  • Plenty of cable: No dramas with the cable not reaching your car!
  • Safer: Be confident that your EV charger is 100% compliant with Australian standards

EV Chargers we offer

We supply and install EV chargers from Wallbox.

Who are Wallbox?

Recognised by Reuters as ‘Best in Consumer Electronics 2020’, Wallbox is a fast-growing, innovative company at the forefront of EV charging technology with headquarters in Spain and customers in over 80 countries. Its EV charging solutions are compatible with all top EV brands including Tesla, Volvo, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche and Mitsubishi.

Wallbox EV chargers

Wallbox EV chargers have a maximum charging power of 7.4kW (single phase) and 22kW (three phase). With 7.4kW charging, you can add around 50km of range for each hour of charging – and with a 22kW EV charger, you can add around 120km of range per hour. Naturally, charge rates and speeds can differ depending on your electric vehicle type.

‘Next level’ EV charging

But Wallbox EV chargers do a lot more than just charge. Thanks to the intelligent software built into each unit, you can control your Wallbox charger from anywhere – and on any computer or smart device.

What’s more, all Wallbox EV chargers come with Eco-Smart Solar EV Charging. This allows you to charge with 100% solar energy or a mix of solar and grid energy.

With Wallbox, you can keep your motoring costs to the absolute minimum.

Fast, smart, efficient, solar-friendly charging: that’s why we love Wallbox!

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