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Founded in 2005 in China, JA Solar is the third largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world with 10 per cent of global solar panel production.  A Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer, JA Solar is a massive organisation with over 25,000 employees and a global distribution network covering 135 countries and regions.

JA Solar panels are renowned for their high performance at a competitive price. They are used extensively in commercial rooftop PV systems, residential rooftop PV systems and ground-mounted power plants.

JA Solar panels are extremely popular in Australia thanks to their reliability, efficiency and excellent local support from their office in Newcastle West, NSW. They have been chosen for some of Australia’s most demanding solar farm projects including a 70 megawatt ground-mounted power plant in NSW.

Owners of JA Solar panels benefit from an outstanding 25 year product warranty that’s significantly above industry standards as well as a 25 year performance warranty. With JA Solar you’re getting a high efficiency panel that’s equivalent to many of the premium panel brands – without the premium price tag!

At Specialized Solar and Electrical, we recommend JA Solar when both quality and price are important. Choose JA Solar and you’ll be signing up for affordable, high performance solar panels with excellent warranties made by a global industry leader.

JA Solar Panels

390 watt MBB Half-Cell Module


JA Solar has a number of panel brands. We have chosen the highest performance panel in their product range to offer to our residential and commercial customers.

This 390-watt panel has an average efficiency rating of 19.5% to 20.9%, almost 1% higher than other mid-range solar panels.

Clever half-cell technology overcomes partial shading

You will notice that this JA Solar panel is called a Half-Cell Module.  The term ‘half-cell’ refers to the fact that these JA Solar panels are literally cut in half, which improves the module’s performance and durability.

The big benefit of half-cell design is to reduce the impact of shading. If the bottom half is shaded, the top half continues to work. Standard solar panels do not have this functionality so when part of a panel is shaded, the entire panel will stop working, as will all the other panels on the same array.

Half-cell module technology is the next step forward in clever solar panel design. Industry experts (1) predict the market share of half cells will grow from around 5% to nearly 40% in 2028. That’s why we have selected this outstanding panel from JA Solar which overcomes partial shading whilst providing high power output at an affordable price.


When purchased through Specialized Solar & Electrical, JA Solar panels come with an outstanding 25-year product warranty and an excellent 25-year linear performance warranty. These are the best solar panel warranties you’ll find for mid-price solar panels – and better than many of the premium panels too.

The linear performance warranty means that the performance of the 390 watt MBB Half-Cell Modules are warrantied for 84.8% of their original power output, compared to an industry average of 80%. This is a very strong performance warranty in the industry and another great reason to choose JA Solar.

JA Solar Warranties vs Industry Standard

JA Solar Industry standard
Product warranty 25 years 10 years
Performance warranty – power output at end of 25 years compared to day 1 84.6% 80%


JA Solar JAM54S30-415/MR/1500V 415W Solar Panels Specifications

JA Solar JAM60S20-390/MR/1000V Solar Panels Specifications

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JA Solar – 25 Years Product Warranty Statement

JA Solar Contact Details:

JA Solar Australia Pty Ltd
C -PKF Newcastle,
755 Hunter Street,
Newcastle West NSW 2302

Tel: +61 (0)2 8328 0488
Email: service.au@jasolar.com

Web: https://www.jasolar.com.cn/html/en/

(1) Ninth edition of the International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV)