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Founded in 1996, REC is a Norwegian solar panels manufacturer that produces some of the world’s most efficient, best performing solar panels.

REC panels are designed and engineered in Norway. Manufacturing is carried out at the company’s fully automated production facility in Singapore.

A tier 1 solar panels manufacturer, REC is Europe’s largest solar panel brand having produced more than 43 million panels in the last 25 years.

An industry innovator, REC was one of the first companies to develop split cell technology. This technology reduces the impact of shading on a cell by allowing one half of the panel to continue producing power even if the other half is shaded or covered in leaves.

REC panels have amongst the lowest degradation rates in the industry backed by an outstanding 25-year product warranty in addition to a 25-year performance warranty.

REC panels also have the highest seal salt mist spray rating making them ideal for coastal properties where corrosion might otherwise be an issue.

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REC Solar Panel Brands

Specialized Solar & Electrical is an authorised partner of REC Australia offering customers a choice of REC’s two leading panel brands:

  • REC Twin Peak 5
  • REC Alpha Pure

REC Twin Peak 5 Series


A high performance 400-watt panel at an affordable price, the REC TwinPeak 5 Series incorporates a pioneering split-panel design and half-cut cell technology which offers even greater efficiency, power output and total energy yield than it’s predecessor.

Innovative split panel design and high-performance in shaded conditions

REC Twin Peak panels are divided into two halves that generate power independently of each other. If one half of the panel is shaded, it does not affect the power output of the other half. This means the panel keeps producing power even when there’s shading, dirt, or leaf litter on a section of the panel. In contrast, standard solar panels stop working when even a small section of the panel is compromised by shade or dirt.

More power per square metre

The split panel design means that each panel captures more sunlight and produces more power than most standard solar panels. This means you get more power output for every square meter of panels installed. This is ideal if your roof space is limited, or you want maximise solar production.

Lower cost, higher efficiency

Because REC panels generate more power per square meter, less panels are required to generate the same energy yield. This means quicker installation and fewer components, such as clamps and racking, which in turn reduces the total system cost.

Salt-mist anti-corrosion

REC Twin Peak panels have the highest salt mist anti-corrosion certification level possible (IEC 61701), making them well suited to the toughest coastal conditions.

High efficiency

With an efficiency rating of up to 20.5%, REC Twin Peak 4 panels compare favourably with other mid-price solar panel brands. In fact, it also compares well with the premium panel brands which have efficiency ratings of only half a per cent or one per cent more.

Super-strong frame design

REC TwinPeak 5 come with extra support bars across the rear of the panel, greatly boosting it’s strenght an dudrability, and allowing loads of up to 7,000 Pa – far exceding the 5,400 offered by conventional panels. The added strength enables you to achieve much higher energy yields and enables flexible installation options, making overcoming obstacles easier during system design.

REC Alpha Pure


A pure black panel, the Alpha Pure REC 410-watt panel sets the standard in high-tech solar technology. Combining an exceptional efficiency rating of 22.2% with one of the lowest panel degradations rates in the industry, the Alpha Pure is one of the best panels that money can buy.

The Alpha Pure is based on the split cell technology found in the REC Twin Peak panel, with all the advantages that entails. In addition, REC Alpha Pure panels offer further features and benefits which make it a leader amongst premium panel brands:

  • Innovative gapless cell layout uses the entire panel surface to generate power
  • Uses the most efficient crystalline cell technology, N-type mono wafers
  • Impressive power density of 222 watts per square metre
  • Lead-free for less environmental impact
  • Lead removed from all panel components, including cell connections, cross connectors, and junction box soldering
  • Seamless pure-black panel that will complement the visual appeal of your home

REC Alpha Pure panel also have the highest salt mist anti-corrosion certification level possible (IEC 61701), making them ideally suited to the toughest coastal conditions.


When purchased through Specialized Solar & Electrical as an authorised REC supplier, REC panels come with an industry-beating 25-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty. This is one of the very best panel warranties in the market providing complete peace of mind for the life of your system.

REC performance warranties

REC Alpha Pure REC Twin Peaks 4 Series Industry standard
Power output at end of 25 years, compared to day 1 92% 86% 80%

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REC Twin Peak 5, Black Series Spec Sheet

REC 410w Alpha Pure R- Series Spec Sheet

REC Warranty Fact Sheet

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