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Founded in 2006, SolarEdge Technologies is the world’s third largest solar inverter manufacturer. They are renowned for making high performance inverters and power optimizers, backed by industry-leading warranties.

SolarEdge is a global organisation traded on NASDAQ with over 24 Gigawatt of inverters installed in more than 130 countries. The company’s headquarters are in Israel and it has over 3,400 employees worldwide.

SolarEdge’s rapid growth is based their innovative technology which optimizes the performance of solar power systems at individual panel level. Called Power Optimizers, these small units fit on the back of each panel and monitor the voltage of the panel.

Power Optimizers work in conjunction with a SolarEdge inverter. This is a simpler, more reliable inverter as its only function is to handle DC to AC conversion, as all other functions are handled separately for each panel by the Power Optimizers.

SolarEdge Solar Panels

A huge advantage of SolarEdge’s technology is that it overcomes the problem of partial shading. With a SolarEdge system, if one panel is underperforming due to shading, dirt etc, the Power Optimiser adjusts the voltage from that panel to ensure that the impact on the rest of the system is minimised.

In contrast, with string inverter systems if one panel is shaded the power generated by the entire string of panels is affected.

Another benefit of SolarEdge’s panel-level optimisation is that the performance of each panel can be monitored via an app on your phone, tablet or computer. This means that any under-performance can be immediately identified and fixed.
SolarEdge is a great option if you are looking for a fully optimized, highly reliable solar power system for your home or business.

SolarEdge provides support for its Australian customers from its office in Sydney.

SolarEdge Inverters and Power Optimizers

SolarEdge manufactures a wide range of single and three phase inverters and power optimizers.

SolarEdge Hub Inverter

SolarEdge products have a very low failure rate. They also have amongst the best warranties in the industry:

  • Power Optimizers: 25 years product warranty
  • Inverters: 12-year product warranty with low cost extensions to 20 and 25 years.


More power from each panel

SolarEdge systems are optimized at panel-level. This means that even if one panel is shaded, the other panels will generate maximum power.

High efficiency

SolarEdge inverters have an efficiency rating of up to 99%. This compares to string inverters which typically operate at between 94% and 97% efficiency.


  • If the grid or the inverter shuts down, SolarEdge’s unique SafeDC™ feature automatically reduces each panels DC voltage to a safe level (1 volt per panel). This means that if there’s a fire, the system is immediately made-safe and firefighters can get to work.
  • SolarEdge has built-in arc fault detection. This provides protection from a high power discharge of electricity which could trigger an electrical fire.


  • Panels can be orientated in three or more directions, with an uneven number of panels on each row.
  • Modules can be mixed and matched according to available roof space, providing a more aesthetic design and more power.

Quick install

SolarEdge Solar panels come with the optimizers already integrated into each panel so your system is quick to install, saving you money.

Full visibility

  • Instantly spot any underperforming panels with real-time monitoring at panel, string and system-level via an app on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Consumption monitoring (i.e. how much of your solar power you are using in your home) is available with an additional energy meter.

the mySolarEdge App


  • SolarEdge inverters and optimizers work with different panel brands – and panels with different wattages – making it easy to add to the system size over time.
  • Easy to add battery storage, EV charging, energy management and home automation at a later date.

Energy smart

Take control of electricity bills and maximise self-consumption with a suite of flexible smart home energy management solutions from SolarEdge. This makes it easy to control home appliances – such as hot water systems and air conditioning – ensuring you run them when your solar is generating maximum power.

Get in touch with us if you like the sound of SolarEdge. You get the peace of mind knowing that your system is backed by rock solid warranties and provides a high level of power performance, safety and reliability.


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Tel: +61 1800 465 567