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Founded in 2006, SolarEdge Technologies Inc. is the third largest inverter manufacturer globally behind Chinese electronics giants Sungrow and Huawei.

The company’s rapid growth is based their innovative technology which optimises the performance of solar power systems at individual panel level. Called DC Optimizers, these small units fit on the back of each solar panel and monitor the voltage of the panel.

If one panel is underperforming due to shading, dirt etc, then the DC optimiser adjusts the voltage from that panel to ensure that the impact on the rest of the solar power system is minimised. ‘

In contrast, most other types of inverters (known as string inverters) optimise the performance of the solar power system at the string level (i.e. a row of solar panels). With string inverter systems, if one panel is shaded or underperforming for any reason, it brings down the performance of whole string resulting in a significant overall reduction in power generation.

Another advantage of panel-level optimisation is that the performance of each panel can be monitored ensuring that any under-performance can be immediately identified through Wi-Fi monitoring.

Industry-leading warranties

SolarEdge inverters and optimizers have a reputation for very low failure rate. The company backs up their products with amongst the best warranties in the industry – 25 years product warranty on the optimizers and a 12 year inverter warranty with low cost extensions to 20 and 25 years.

SolarEdge is headquartered in Israel and their Australian support office is in Sydney. Their inverters and optimizers meet all relevant Australian standards and are on the Clean Energy Council list of accredited inverters.

Product overview

SolarEdge manufactures a wide range of single and three phase inverters and optimizers for residential and commercial use as well as small-utility scale systems.

They also supply solar panels with their power optimizers fully integrated into each panel. This not only makes the installation process quicker and simpler but also simplifies after-sales service for customers as there is just one company to call in case of any issues. The high quality panels come with a 12 year product warranty, and 25 year performance warranty, fully backed by SolarEdge.

Advanced Wi-Fi monitoring of solar production – at panel, string or overall system level – is included as standard. Monitoring of consumption of solar power in the home as well as power drawn from the grid can be included with the addition of an energy meter. Monitoring is real-time and can be viewed on a mobile phone or computer, anywhere and at any time.

SolarEdge also offers a range of smart home energy management solutions to help you save money. This includes a suite of smart home features which can be used to control home appliances – such as hot water systems and specified loads such as air conditioning. This helps maximise the self-consumption of solar power in your home thereby giving you the best possible return on your investment.


More energy

  • The system is optimized at panel-level, not string level (i.e. row of panels). This means that any underperforming panel won’t bring down the overall performance of your system.
  • SolarEdge inverters have an efficiency rating of up to 99%, compared to typical string inverters which are around 94-97%.
  • Greater efficiency = more power = a faster return on your investment.


  • SolarEdge’s unique SafeDC™ feature is designed to automatically reduce each panels DC voltage to a safe level (1 volt per panel) whenever the inverter or grid power is shut down. This is ideal in case of an emergency, such as a fire, as it means that the system is immediately made safe and firefighters can get to work and put out the fire.
  • SolarEdge also has built-in arc fault detection. This provides protection from a high power discharge of electricity which can trigger an electrical fire.

Complete visibility

  • Monitor power generation at panel, string and system-level.
  • Makes it easy to spot any underperforming panels and get them fixed.
  • Remote real-time monitoring of system performance – via an app on your mobile phone or on your computer.
  • Consumption monitoring also available with an additional energy meter.

Design flexibility

  • Handles unusual roof orientations easily.
  • Can have panels orientated in 3 or more directions, with an uneven number of panels on each row.
  • Modules can be mixed and matched according to available roof space, providing a more aesthetic design and more energy.

Quicker to install

  • SolarEdge Solar panels come with the optimisers already integrated into each panel = faster installation.


  • Works with different types of panels as well as panels with different wattages (i.e. 260 watt, 310 watt) – this makes it easy to add to the system size over time.
  • Easy to upgrade to battery storage, EV charging or add smart energy management & home automation.


  • Take control of electricity bills and maximise self-consumption with a suite of flexible smart energy solutions.
  • Run your car on sunshine. Even if you don’t already have an EV charging solar inverter, you may in the future – be EV ready with the world’s first EV charging inverter.

Industry-leading warranties

  • Optimizers: product warranty of 25 years
  • Inverters product warranty of 12 years, with low cost extensions to 20 and 25 years.


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