Why heating and cooling matters!

Heating and cooling can account for up to 40% of the energy bill for the average Aussie home. Getting the right heating and cooling system can be one of the best ways to lower your energy bills, particularly if you team it with solar.

The best heating and cooling system for most Victorian homes, according to Sustainability Victoria*, is an electric reverse cycle split system. It’s the cheapest to run, the most energy efficient – and it produces the lowest greenhouse gas emissions.

Heating and Cooling - a selection of reverse cycle air conditioners

How does a reverse cycle split system work?

We stock the leading brands of split systems to make heating and cooling your home or business a breeze! If you are using gas heating to warm your home, this can account for up to 60 percent of your gas bill. A quality split system can reduce that portion of your bill by around 25 percent. What’s more, if you have solar power you can heat and cool your living and working spaces for free when the sun is shining.

What a reverse cycle split system can do for you:

  • Allows you to enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home all year around
  • Reduces your heating and cooling energy costs by up to 65%
  • Makes use of your solar power so you can save even more
  • Cuts your CO2 emissions from heating and cooling by around 60%

Split System Air Conditioning Unit

Benefits of a reverse cycle split system

Cheaper to run: Reverse cycle split systems are the lowest cost method for heating and cooling Australian homes. According to Sustainability Victoria, they’re around 65% cheaper to run than gas ducted central heating and 70% cheaper than electric in-slab heating.

$0 running costs with solar: Team your reverse cycle split system with a rooftop solar system and you get free heating and cooling whenever the sun’s shining. Add battery storage, and you’ve got free heating and cooling 24/7.

Up to 5x more efficient: Because reverse cycle split systems use heat pumps that concentrate heat, rather than generate it, they are highly energy-efficient. A good reverse cycle split system will generate up to five times more energy than it consumes.

Whole home or single room: Split systems come in a wide range of formats – from ducted reverse cycle air conditioning for whole home heating and cooling, through to individual units for single rooms.

Greener and cleaner: Because reverse cycle split systems use ambient heat from the outside air, they are a type of renewable energy heating and cooling system. And because they can run on solar electricity, they are a perfect solution for solar households looking to fully electrify their home.

Access government rebates: The Victorian Government provides rebates to upgrade inefficient gas heaters, electric heaters, and wood heaters to an energy efficient reverse cycle split systems. Get in touch to find out if you could be eligible.

Reverse cycle split systems we offer

We offer a range of electric reverse cycle split systems to cater to the needs of all types of homes.
Reverse cycle split systems

  • Ideal for both heating and cooling
  • Whole-home systems or individual units
  • Whole home systems provide room-by-room temperature control
  • Units can be hidden from sight – ideal for a new build or renovation
  • Improve air quality with humidity control and purification
  • Remotely turn on/switch off with an app
  • Connect with your solar for free heating and cooling
  • Excellent warranties and support
  • Installed by accredited technicians

Find out how we can help you

Talk to one of our heating and cooling experts to find out how you could benefit from a reverse cycle split system.