RedEarth. Put your power back in your hands. Australian-made for Australians. Specialized Solar & Electrical is an Authorised Partner.

Specialized Solar & Electrical are proud to be partnered with RedEarth Energy Storage – proud designers, engineers and manufacturers of Australian-made Solar PV systems.

About RedEarth

Founded in 2013, RedEarth produce Australian-made On-grid and Off-grid Energy Storage Systems Assembled & Tested in Brisbane.

With their initial focus on off-grid solutions, RedEarth has since added on-grid, commercial and industrial, and residential systems to its suite of products, all designed to be modular and scalable to allow the end-user to update their systems should their needs change.

RedEarth operates with the belief that electricity will be the primary energy source in the future, and that every business and residence can generate more clean, green electricity than it can consume – meaning they can financially capitalise on their excess solar energy.

Simplicity.Quality in everything we do.Results are everything.

Why RedEarth?

  1.  Simplicity: As the world becomes more complex in ways of making an dusing electricity, the solutions are easy and hassle free.
  2. Flexible solutions, ready to scale: Your energy tailored solution caters to your specific needs, current and future.
  3. Remote Monitoring and support: Give yourself peace of mind and maximise the output of your system wherever you are.
  4. Warranty: All products and solutions come with a comprehensive warranty.
  5. Full transparency: In line with their Modern Slavery Policy, all steps in the manufacturing and process across their entire supply chains are available to all.

Off-Grid Solutions

RedEarth’s range of off-grid energy storage systems are ideal for anyone prioritising energy-self sufficiency and independence from the grid – whether that be for your shed, farm, a country home, or large commercial operation, there is a tailored energy storage solution for every scenario.

With simplicity at the heart of our designs, all of our systems are factory-tested and come ready to install.

Along with Specialized Solar & Electrical, RedEarth works with the client to assess and determine your energy requirements and have scalable solutions so you can expand your system as your needs change.

Benefits: Flexibility, Low maintenance, High quality, Monitoring and support, Simple installation, Warranty.

Monitoring made as easy as Pi

With so many current and potential opportunities available to customers in how to monetise their energy, RedEarth has developed RedPi – a monitoring solution that connects to and reads the inverters in our systems and sends that data back to us.

A simple interface in the app makes it easy for customers to keep an eye on their energy usage, so you can make decisions to optimise their electricity using real-time information about how much solar energy they’re generating and consuming.

Learn more about the RedEarth monitoring.


Designed and engineered to withstand Australian conditions, all of RedEarth’s energy storage systems are assembled and tested to Australian standards at their factory in Brisbane and come with a 10-year warranty to give you the highest quality product and service available in Australia.

RedEarth Energy Industry Standard
Off-Grid Battery System Warranty Schedule
(Comprehensive Warranty)
10-years 5-10 years

When purchased through Specialized Solar & Electrical, RedEarth Energy systems also in addition to Specialized Solar & Electrical’s industry-leading warranties and our industry-exclusive Power Performance Guarantee.

If you want the best warranties in solar, we’re the people to talk to. We’re the solar company that provides the best overall warranties for your solar power system – without any catches. Learn more about our warranties.