We’re delighted with the results of both solar systems. Specialized Solar deserve a medal! I cannot speak highly enough of them.
David B.
David Burton


Customer: David B.
Location: Nyah, Rural City of Swan Hill
Installation: April 2020


Systems (home and business)
David’s home size: 6.6kW
Burton’s Store size: 13.2kW
Solar panels: Seraphim 330w SRP-330-BMB
Inverter Technology: Sungrow


Expected electricity bill savings (year 1): $6,200
Annual electricity use provided by solar: 80% of daytime electricity
CO2 reduction: 33 tonnes annually

David switched to sun power for both his business and his home

Reason for going solar

“We wanted to reduce the horrendous cost of electricity for the shop which was costing us around $900-$950 a month”, said David.

“Solar seemed like a great way to save money on our power bills.”

“Whilst we were investigating solar, we thought it made sense to get panels installed on our home as it would improve the capital value. We were paying around $160 a month for our household electricity. We thought that solar could reduce that monthly outgoing as well.”

What happened

“We heard about the Mallee Sun Solar Bulk-Buy and that’s how we came across Specialized Solar who are the solar retailer and installer for the bulk-buy”, said David. “We liked that they had a local Swan Hill installer as that was really important to us.”

“We had it all going on. We wanted a business loan for financing solar on the shop and we wanted to apply for the Victorian Solar Panels rebate.”

“We decided to purchase two solar systems of around 20kW in total and get both installed at the same time”.

“Jemma and Chelsea at Specialized Solar were so patient and helpful. They did a fantastic job. They handled everything for us – the solar installation process, the loan and the rebate application. I’m glad to say it all went really smoothly.”


“The shop’s monthly electricity bills post-solar are now down to $400-$450 – that’s saving us around $5,000 a year,” said David. “We’re repaying $150 a month for the two systems so we’ve been cash-flow positive from day one.”

“Our household electricity bills have been as low as $17 a month in summer and the last one I paid (May 2021) was $95 as we use more electricity in winter. It’s a great result.”