What is battery storage and how does it work for me?

There are many types of battery storage available so it is important that the correct type is used. Whether you want to store excess power during the day for use only in the evening or run your entire house on solar and batteries alone, Specialized Solar Solutions will design the right system for your needs.

Advantages of battery storage

  • Reduce some of your electricity costs
  • Provide back-up during a power outage
  • Power your entire home or business
  • Be more sustainable by capturing renewable energy

How does a battery system work?

A battery system can let you use the power you have generated from solar energy after the sun has gone down.

Talk to us to find out what is best for you!

LG Chem batteries with SolarEdge StorEdge

Battery Ready Solar Systems

A “battery ready” solar system consists of a hybrid inverter rather than a regular inverter where the battery system is fitted with an on-board Battery Management System (BMS).

You’d also be glad to know that every single solar system we install is battery ready that is easily upgraded to fit additional batteries should you wish to purchase more in the future.

If your existing solar system is fitted with a regular inverter, it is still possible upgrade to a hybrid one, giving you the possibility to add more batteries as you see fit.

Battery Storage Diagram