Unlocking Solar for Apartments: The Future is Bright with Allume Energy

Solar energy is not just a trend; it’s the future. As the world grapples with climate change and the urgent need for sustainable solutions, solar energy stands out as a beacon of hope. But while individual homes have been quick to adopt this renewable source, apartment complexes have faced challenges. Enter Allume Energy and their groundbreaking SolShare technology, which is making solar accessible for multi-dwelling buildings.

The Solar Conundrum for Apartments

Apartment living offers numerous advantages, but accessing solar energy has historically not been one of them. The shared nature of apartment buildings, with multiple units under one roof, has made the equitable distribution of solar energy a complex challenge.

Introducing Allume Energy

Allume Energy is an Australian-based company dedicated to making solar energy accessible to everyone, regardless of their living situation. Recognised for their innovative approach, Allume Energy is revolutionising the way multi-dwelling buildings harness and distribute solar power.

Dive into Allume’s mission and vision for a sustainable future.

Allume Energy’s Game-Changing Solution: SolShare

Allume Energy, an Australian-born pioneer in the solar industry, has developed SolShare, a groundbreaking technology that allows multiple units in an apartment complex to share the benefits of a single rooftop solar installation. Here’s what makes SolShare a standout solution:

  • Dynamic Energy Distribution: SolShare’s dynamic sharing algorithm ensures solar energy is directed optimally, maximising consumption and savings for all residents.
  • Fair sharing: SolShare distributes energy evenly between residents over the course of a month, so everyone gets their fair share.
  • Consumer Empowerment: SolShare’s behind-the-meter approach means residents retain the freedom to choose their electricity retailer.

 A brief video overview of how SolShare works and its benefits.


Real-world Impact: SolShare in Action

The tangible benefits of SolShare are impressive:

  • Eco-Friendly Power: A standard SolShare system can generate up to 35 MWh of electricity annually.
  • Substantial Savings: Residents can anticipate up to a 40% reduction in their electricity bills
  • Green Footprint: Adopting SolShare can lead to a decrease in CO2 emissions by 28 tonnes annually.

Case Studies: The SolShare Difference

  • SA Housing, Parkside, South Australia: This housing project in Parkside consists of 45 apartments. After implementing the SolShare solar + battery system, each apartment reduced its grid electricity demand by about 48%. Annually, residents saved approximately $497 on their electricity bills. Furthermore, the initiative is anticipated to lead to a significant CO2 reduction, avoiding 92.3 tonnes for the building.
  • Folia Apartments of Tullamore, Doncaster, Victoria: Nestled within Doncaster’s prestigious Tullamore community, Folia Apartments by Mirvac boasts 39 Prestige and Penthouse apartments. With the integration of SolShare technology, participating units saw an average electricity bill saving of ~$300 in just nine months. Furthermore, the initiative led to a significant CO2 reduction, saving 2 tonnes.
  • Housing Choices Australia, Altona North, Victoria: A retrofit to an existing 44-apartment social housing building saw the integration of Allume’s SolShare technology. This initiative led to a solar panel capacity of 66.6 kWp. Over two years, each apartment saved an impressive 2.5 tonnes of CO2, reduced grid consumption by 25%, and experienced electricity bill savings of $717.

The Path Forward

The future of solar energy in apartment living looks promising, thanks to trailblazing solutions like SolShare. As technology continues to evolve, the dream of making solar energy accessible to all is becoming a reality.

Ready to Illuminate Your Future?

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