New community solar program for Brimbank

New community solar program for Brimbank

We found that Specialized Solar was the obvious first choice Solar Retailer and Installer for Brimbank Community Solar. Quality is everything when it comes to solar; that’s quality of components, quality of installation and quality of customer service. We’re confident that Specialized Solar & Electrical provides top-notch quality on all counts, combined with warranties that represent value for money.
Gemma WatsonGemma Watson, Acting Program Manager, CVGA

Cutting electricity bills and CO2 emissions whilst helping the local community – that’s the concept of a new solar initiative for Brimbank households and businesses.

Brimbank Community Solar is a joint program of Brimbank City Council and solar community specialist More Australian Solar Homes (MASH) which is run by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA), a not-for-profit organisation that has worked with several councils to help encourage the uptake of renewable energy.

The program is open to homeowners, renters, landlords and businesses in Brimbank.

Making solar easier

“This program is about making it easier for people to go solar – and even add a battery”, said program organiser, Gemma Watson from MASH.

“With so much choice with solar panels systems, it can be hard to know where to start if you’re thinking about getting solar installed on your home or business,” said Gemma.

“We’ve done the research for Brimbank residents by going through a competitive tender process to identify the best solar retailer and installer who provides quality systems with longer than average warranties providing good value,” continued Gemma.

Specialized Solar & Electrical as delivery partner

“We’ve appointed Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer, Specialized Solar & Electrical as the solar supplier and installer for this program,” said Gemma. “They came out tops on all counts – quality, service and value. Plus, they’re a Melbourne solar company using local installers so that’s good for jobs.”

Free solar for local community

Brimbank Community Solar also helps the local community. One per cent of project revenues will be donated in the form of free solar for Brimbank community groups. “The more solar that’s purchased through the program, the more we can give away!”, Gemma said.

Accessibility is important

An important part of the program is to provide information to residents in a way that’s accessible and relevant. Several different tools have been created to help people find out more and get in touch. These include:

Part of Brimbank’s response to climate change

Brimbank Community Solar is a practical action resulting from Brimbank City Council’s climate action emergency plan. The program aims to achieve:

  • 1MW of new solar installed capacity.
  • 1640 t/CO2 emissions cut annually.
  • $14,000 raised to distribute in the form of free solar PV for not-for-profit community groups in Brimbank.

Practical benefits

“Putting solar panels on your roof is something practical people can do to cut their carbon emissions. Not only is solar good for the environment, but it is also a great way to reduce electricity bills”, said Gemma.

“With solar rebates still strong, the payback on a solar panels system is typically around 3-5 years,” Gemma said. “After that, you’re running your home or business on free electricity from solar panels which is way better than paying expensive grid electricity rates.”

Learn more

Visit to learn more about the program, register your interest to attend a workshop or request a quote.