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Founded in California, USA in 2006, Enphase is a global leader in microinverter technology as well as the manufacturer of small-scale smart batteries. A multi-award winning company, Enphase is listed on NASDAQ and has 1,500+ employees worldwide with operations in over 21 countries.

Enphase’s vision is “to make solar simple and energy smart”. Their microinverters and batteries are based on pioneering technologies that overcome common issues associated with traditional systems.

The company’s solar journey started with the development of a new concept for solar inverters – called microinverters. Co-founders Raghu Belur and Martin Fornage took a look at traditional string inverter technology and thought they could do better. That led to the development of the world’s first microinverter in 2008 – a small inverter that is attached to the back of each solar panel.

The basic idea behind a microinverter is to convert, manage and monitor energy at individual panel level, rather than the entire array of panels.

Microinverters minimise the effect of shading (or dirt etc) on panels and generate more power than traditional string inverters on partially shaded roofs. They are also inherently a lot safer than string inverters as they are an all-AC system which means no high voltage DC power on your roof.

The next major innovation from Enphase took place in 2016 with the launch of the Enphase AC Battery, the world’s first AC battery. This neat looking unit was the result of a complete ‘re-imagining’ of standard battery systems resulting in a more affordable, safer and smarter way of storing power.

As well as microinverters and batteries, Enphase has developed communications technologies that provide superior reporting on system performance as well as the ability to connect to the smart grids of the future.

As of July 2021, Enphase has shipped over 34 million microinverters which have been installed on more than 1.4 million homes. They remain the undisputed leader in microinverter technology whilst the Enphase AC Battery is proving to be one of the most popular battery solutions here in Australia.

The company has won a host of awards including ‘Top Solar Inverter 2021’ from Australian solar industry commentator ‘Solar Choice’.

Enphase’s Australian head office is in Melbourne, Victoria.

Enphase Microinverters

Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter

The company’s seventh generation microinverter, the Enphase IQ 7 series, is ideally suited to residential installations and commercial systems where there is partial shading, a complex roof layout or a requirement to minimise high voltage DC power on the roof.

Plus, with Enphase’s industry-leading 25 year warranty you get the assurance that your investment in Enphase microinverters is going to deliver the goods without any hassle.


More power

Each panel is optimised to keep generating maximum power even if one or more of the other panels is shaded or dirty.

No single point of failure

As each panel has its own micro-inverter there is no single point of failure. In contrast with a solar system using a string inverter, the inverter is typically the most common single point of failure.

Handles complex roof layouts

Panels can be mounted at different orientations and angles. It is even possible to have one panel on its own and the others on two or more sections of the roof. (This isn’t possible with string inverters).


Low-voltage AC power never exceeds 60 volts so there’s never any high voltage power travelling across your roof. This significantly reduces the risk of electrical fire.

Panel-level monitoring

Real-time information on your smart phone showing how much electricity is being produced by each panel or for the entire system – as well as in-home electricity consumption.

Remote fault diagnosis

Performance at individual panel level can be monitored remotely enabling your installer to be instantly alerted if there’s an issue.


Compatible with the latest 60 cell and 72 cell high powered solar panels up to 440W.

25-year product warranty

Enphase microinverters are more expensive than most string inverters however the lifetime cost can be lower due to their outstanding reliability. Also, if you have a roof that is partially shaded there’s no doubt that Enphase microinverters will generate more electricity over your system’s life than a string inverter.

Enphase AC Battery

Enphase battery family

The idea of storing your excess solar power rather than exporting it to the grid in return for a measly feed-in credit is very appealing. But what tends to put people off is the high upfront cost of most batteries – with prices that are often at least double the cost of a 6kW solar system.

Enter the Enphase AC Battery. You can start by buying just one or two battery modules – at a price that’s at least half that of most batteries – and add more later as your needs change.

Plus as an AC battery, it’s easy and quick to install (keeping those installation costs down) and super safe as it easily connects with standard household AC wiring.


Lowest cost of entry

  • Start small – both in size and dollar terms – and add more modules later.
  • Each module has a storage capacity of 1.2kWh hours.

Sized right for you

  • No need to oversize the storage system. Buy exactly what you need to match your household’s storage requirements – no more, no less and no wasted costs!


  • Each module is only 487mm wide and 300mm high.
  • Stack modules neatly in your garage or other protected indoor space.


  • No high voltage DC (direct current) in the system
  • Battery safety-tested and certified by TϋV Rhineland


  • Lithium iron phosphate chemistry for long cycle life
  • 10-year product warranty
  • Minimum 10-year expected life
  • No single point of failure

High performance

  • 96% round-trip efficiency
  • Optimized for one cycle per day
  • Most usable capacity (100% depth of discharge which means you can use all the power that’s stored in the battery without compromising battery life)


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Enphase Contact Details:

Melbourne Office
Level 6, 60 Albert Rd
South Melbourne, VIC 3205
General: 03 8669 1679
Tech Support: 1800 006 374

Web: enphase.com/en-au