Get in quick before the rebate cut!

Victorians! Beat the 30 June Rebate Cut

If you are a Victorian homeowner, landlord or small business owner thinking of getting rooftop solar you need to get your skates on! There’s a rebate cut coming – and the deadline is 30 June 2021.

The Victorian Government has announced that rebates for solar power systems and battery storage will be cut by hundreds of dollars from July 1. The timing of this announcement was expected (see our earlier post) however the extent of the rebate cut was not as widely anticipated.

There’s still time to apply

But there’s no need to worry as the team at Specialized Solar & Electrical are ready and waiting to help you get over the line! As of today (22/6) there’s still a good supply of rebates left. However, demand is expected to be high in the coming eight days so it’s worth getting in touch with us now if you are keen to go ahead with your solar or battery purchase.

How to apply: the steps

  • To avoid any last minute rush, we strongly recommend that you contact us ASAP for a quote. This is the first step in the rebate process.
  • Once you’ve told us you are happy with the quote, we’ll upload it into the Solar Victoria Portal (which is where the rebate allocations are managed).
  • You’ll then receive an email notification from the Portal informing you that your quote has been uploaded.
  • From there you can complete your application.

Do feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer service team on 03 9117 6185 or online if you’d like help with the application. We’re all geared up to help you!

Rebate cuts: a quick summary

Here’s the lowdown on each of the rebate cuts:

Solar panels rebate for homeowners

  • From up to $1,850 (currently) to $1,400.

Solar panels interest-free loan

  • From up to $1,850 (currently) to $1,400.

Solar battery rebate

  • From $4,174 (currently) to $3,500.

Solar panel rebates for rental properties 

  • Same as for household solar (ditto interest-free loan).

Solar panels rebates for small businesses

  • Currently worth up to $3,500. This rebate will drop to $1,750 once the initial allocation of 5,000 rebates runs out (2,112 left at 22/6/2021). This rebate allowance is allowed to run over past the end of the financial year which is a good thing in our opinion.

Get in touch for a quote

To get a quote, contact us on 03 9117 6185 or complete our online form. We’re very happy to take any questions you may have about the rebate application process and help you out in any way we can!

Read more about the rebates on the Solar Victoria website.