Dealing with Specialized Solar & Electrical was really good. They made everything quick and easy.
Patricia F.

Solar Install for Patricia F. in Donald

All photos by Shane O’Shea, Buloke Times


Customer name: Patricia F.
Location: Donald, Buloke Shire, Victoria
Installation: May 2021


Size: 6.66kW
Solar panels: 20 x Seraphim 330 watt panels
Inverter Technology: 5kW Sungrow Premium Inverter
Solar power generation: 26.2 kWh per day (avg)


Expected electricity bill savings (year 1): $1,850
CO2 emissions reduction: 7.92 tonnes annually

Making the most of the Mallee sunshine

Patricia’s solar story

I had been wanting solar for a while. With the amount of sunlight we get here in Donald, it makes sense to make the most of it.

My plan was to get a decent size solar system installed. That’s because I’m keen to get a battery at some point and I wanted a solar system that was going to be big enough to charge it.

I had been trying for a while to find a solar company I felt comfortable with. None of the ones who’d been in touch seemed quite right to me. That’s why I was interested to hear from a friend about a Buloke Shire Council supported solar bulk-buy for our Shire – called the Mallee Sun Solar Bulk-Buy.

My friend had gone to the Mallee Sun information meeting in Charlton and told me about it. It sounded interesting so I thought I’d get in touch with the organisers.

What happened

I contacted the Mallee Sun Bulk-Buy team and they put me in touch with Specialized Solar & Electrical, who are their solar retailer.

Dealing with Specialized Solar & Electrical was really good. They made everything quick and easy.

In fact, the whole process was quite painless apart from completing the application form with Solar Victoria. I’d added in a dollar sign against my income declaration on their form which caused the application to get stopped in its tracks. I tried everything, calling Solar Victoria too, and was almost ready to give up. Then I tried taking off the dollar sign and it all worked fine. I got the rebate which was great!

I was thrilled that Specialized Solar had a local installer – Matt. It was nice to have a friendly familiar face working on the installation. He did a great job. I like that the bulk-buy provides work for locals in our Shire.


My 6.66kW solar system is switched on and working well. I like the way it is situated on my roof. It makes the most of the east/west sun and looks good.

I’m happy that I’m using clean sun power for most of my electricity needs during the day – and that I’m ready to take the next step with a battery when the time is right.

I would recommend the Mallee Sun Solar Bulk-Buy and their solar retailer, Specialized Solar. I got a great result and I’m really glad that I’ve done it.

Solar Install for Patricia F. in Donald