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About Suntech

Suntech Power is one of the world’s longest established manufacturers of solar panels with a solid track record for producing extremely reliable, high performance modules for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar installations.

Founded in 2001 by an Australian-educated Chinese engineer – Dr Zhengrong Shi – Suntech Power has manufactured over 22GW of solar panels which have been installed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Suntech’s ties with Australia are very strong, starting with Dr Shi’s time at the UNSW where he completed a Ph.D in electrical engineering. After returning to China to start Suntech, Dr Shi realised the potential of the Australian market and set up an Australian office in 2007. Suntech have supplied the Australian market for longer than any other panel manufacturer. They are one of the most popular panel brands, with over 2.3 million Suntech panels installed in Australia.

Suntech’s commitment to the Australian market flows through into collaborations with some of our leading universities – including UNSW, ANU and Monash University. For example, Suntech engineers work closely with the UNSW Solar Research Centre of Excellence and have achieved several efficiency records over the years through their research and development of new photovoltaic cell technologies.

Suntech panels have won numerous industry awards for their exceptional reliability and performance. The solar industry’s leading research institute, EuPD, first recognised Suntech as a ‘Top PV Brand’ in 2015 making them the first Chinese panel manufacturer to win this prestigious award. In 2020, for the fifth consecutive year, EuPD awarded Suntech ‘Top PV Brand’ in Europe and for the third consecutive year ‘Top PV Brand’ in Australia. In addition, Suntech have been ranked as a Top Performer in the PV Module Reliability Scorecard for 2019, 2018 and 2017 published by DNV-GL, one of the world’s most rigorous third-party quality testing organisations.

Reliable performance in extreme weather conditions – such as desert heat, high winds and freezing cold – is one of the strengths of Suntech panels. This has been recognised by VDE, a German standards body that devised a rigorous testing process for solar panels that simulates exposure to harsh conditions for decades. Suntech was the third manufacturer in the world to have their panels pass this test and obtain VDE certification.

Not only are Suntech panels top performers, they are also good value. In 2020, Australian solar expert Clean Energy Reviews rated Suntech panels as one of the ‘best value’ solar panels available in Australia, at the same time noting their ‘long history in research and development’.
Suntech panels have been chosen for some of the world’s most demanding utility-scale solar installations including Germany’s largest floating solar PV plant in Achern and Europe’s biggest PV project – the Iberdrola Solar Power Plant in Extremadura Spain. In Australia, Suntech panels have been installed on the Sydney Theatre Company, on 30 ALDI stores in Queensland and a number of solar farms including the 131MW Nevertire Solar Farm and the 59MW Susan River Solar Farm both in Queensland.

Germany’s largest floating solar PV plant in Achern, 750kW

Germany’s largest floating solar PV plant in Achern, 750kW

Europe’s biggest PV project – the 500MW Iberdrola Solar Power Plant in Extremadura, Spain

Europe’s biggest PV project – the 500MW Iberdrola Solar Power Plant in Extremadura, Spain

Suntech in Australia

Suntech has vast experience in solar installations in both large and smaller projects in Australia. Throughout its 13+ years supplying solar panels to the Australian market, Suntech has developed a customised portfolio of solar panels designed to perform at high levels of efficiency and reliability in the Australian climate.

Customer service, engineering and warranty support are provided by Suntech staff at its offices in Melbourne and Sydney.
Suntech panels are listed on the Clean Energy Council approved product list. Only products on this list qualify for the Victorian Government’s Solar Homes Rebate and the Small-scale Technology Certificates from the Federal Government (another form of rebate).

The Wharf, home of the Sydney Theatre Company, has a 384kW Suntech solar panel array

The Wharf, home of the Sydney Theatre Company, has a 384kW Suntech solar panel array

Suntech warranties

Suntech panels come with a 15 year product warranty and an industry leading 25 year linear power output warranty. Suntech guarantees a 97% power output in the first year, with nominal output decreases of no more than 0.7% through the module’s 25th year. This means that in the 25th year after the warranty start date, Suntech guarantees that their panels will produce 80.2% nominal power, making it one of the best performance warranties on the market.

Also worth noting is that Suntech panels have the lowest warranty claim ratio in the industry, according to leading third-party insurers.

Suntech Panels – Benefits

The Suntech HIPro Series are half-cut monocrystalline solar panels available in 325-345 watts. With dimensions of 1.6m x 1m, these panels deliver outstanding performance and high levels of reliability.

Benefits include:

  • High efficiency: Solar panel efficiency is a measure of how much of the sun’s energy which falls on the panel is converted into electricity. Standard panels typically achieve 15-18% efficiency. Suntech panels are rated at 19.5% efficiency.
  • Reliable: Suntech panels will continue to generate power even in the toughest weather conditions including severe heat, hail, snow, high levels of humidity and high winds. They are rated to perform effectively in temperature ranging from -40 C to +85 C
  • More power: Suntech panels generate up to 5 watts more power, over and above their rated wattage. This means 330 watt Suntech panels will produce at least this much power and sometimes up to 335 watts.
  • Waterproof: A common cause of panel failure is when water gets into the circuitry within a panel. Suntech has tackled this issue going beyond industry requirements to achieve IP68 rating to provide an industry leading waterproofing level for its panels.
  • Flexible: Suntech panels can be installed in all orientations – portrait, landscape etc – unlike standard panels which offer less flexibility. This is handy especially if you have limited roof space and want to maximise the number of panels you can fit on your roof.
  • Power, even in weak light: Due to their innovative design, Suntech panels will continue to generate power in weak light conditions such as haze, cloud-cover and where there is some shading.

Suntech is a great choice if you are looking for a well-proven, reliable panel backed by one of the world’s largest and most established solar panel manufacturers.


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