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About Suntech

Founded in 2001 by an Australian-trained engineer, Suntech is one of the world’s longest established solar panel manufacturers. It’s also one of the largest, with over 30 million panels installed in over 100 countries.

Suntech panels have won multiple awards for their reliability and performance. In 2021 – and for the sixth consecutive year – industry authority EuPD awarded Suntech Top PV Brand in Europe and Top PV Brand in Australia. They are rated as a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Suntech set up their Australian support office in 2007 and has supplied the Australian market for longer than any other solar panel manufacturer. It is one of Australia’s most popular brands, with over 2.3 million modules installed.

The Suntech connection with Australia is strong. The company has extensive R&D projects with UNSW, ANU and Monash University, resulting in new efficiency records for photovoltaic cell technologies.

A new range of solar inverters – with a German pedigree – have recently been added to Suntech’s Australian product range. This is the result of the acquisition of German solar inverter manufacturer, Sunways, by Suntech’s parent company, SFCE.

For households and businesses, this is good news – highly reliable panels and inverters from a company that has demonstrated its long-standing commitment to the Australian solar market.

The Wharf, home of the Sydney Theatre Company, has a 384kW Suntech solar panel array

The Wharf, home of the Sydney Theatre Company, has a 384kW Suntech solar panel array

Suntech Panels

Suntech panels combine outstanding performance with high levels of reliability, at an affordable price. When tested under identical conditions, Suntech panels perform up to 16% better than competitor brands. Plus you get the peace of mind knowing that these panels come with an industry-leading 15-year product warranty (industry average is 10 years) as well as a 25-year performance guarantee.

Suntech black solar panel

Here’s why we recommend Suntech panels:

Internationally certified

Suntech panels have been awarded the VDE Quality-Tested Certification, which is a seal of approval for a level of quality control that goes beyond existing standards in the solar industry.

High efficiency

Solar panel efficiency is a measure of how much of the sun’s energy which falls on the panel is converted into electricity. Standard panels typically achieve 15-19% efficiency. Suntech panels are rated at 20.4% efficiency.

More power

Suntech panels will produce up to 5-10 watts more power – so a 370-watt Suntech panel will produce at least 370 watts, sometimes as much as 380 watts.

Power, even in weak light

Due to their innovative half-cut cell technology, Suntech panels will continue to generate power in weak light conditions including where there is some shading.


Suntech panels will perform effectively in temperatures ranging from -40 C to +85 C. They are certified to work in extreme weather conditions including severe heat, hail, snow, high levels of humidity and high winds.


A common cause of panel failure is when water gets into the panel’s circuitry. Suntech has tackled this by going beyond industry requirements to achieve an IP68 rating, the highest level of waterproofing for solar panels.


Suntech panels can be installed in all orientations, i.e. portrait, landscape. This is handy if you have limited roof space and want to maximise the number of panels on your roof.

Good value

In 2021, Australian solar expert Clean Energy Reviews rated Suntech panels as one of the ‘best value’ solar panels available in Australia.

Virtually all-black panels

With Suntech panels you get good looks and contemporary styling. These panels are virtually all-black with black frames. They look smart and will blend seamlessly with any home.

Excellent warranties

Suntech provides two warranties for its panels; both are better than the industry average:

  • 15 year product warranty – parts and labour (Most panels have 10-years warranty and many are parts-only, you have to pay for the labour).
  • 25-year performance warranty – power generation is warrantied to be no less than 80.2% of the original power output in the 25th year after the defined warranty date. This is at least 5% better than the industry average.

Germany’s largest floating solar PV plant in Achern, 750kW

Germany’s largest floating solar PV plant in Achern, 750kW – powered by Suntech

Sunways Inverters

With a strong German-engineering heritage, Sunway inverters use best-in-class components and a unique design which provides excellent performance, safety and reliability. With a Sunways inverter, you are getting a European-quality inverter at an affordable price, backed by a 12-year industry-leading warranty from Suntech Australia.

Sunways STS inverter

Here’s why we recommend Sunways inverters from Suntech:

Highly efficient

Residential inverter efficiency standards are generally 95 to 98 percent. Sunways inverters exceed these standards with at least 98.1% maximum efficiency

More power

You can get up to 10 percent more power from your Sunways inverter compared to standard inverters (if permitted by your local network). This is due to their innovative 10 percent continuous AC power boost feature.

Handle extreme heat and cold

Designed to work in the toughest Aussie weather conditions, Sunways inverters are rated to perform effectively in temperatures ranging from -30 C to +60 C.

Safe and reliable

Sunway inverters have integrated lightning protection for both DC and AC. They also have a high anti-corrosion ability with aluminium alloy die casting technology, which provides better thermal performance than cheaper inverters that use plastic casing.

Built-in export limitation

If your network distributor limits the amount of power you can export from your solar system, you’ll need an inverter that can throttle back the amount of power that goes to the grid. With some inverters, this is an add-on you have to pay for. With Sunways this functionality is built into the inverter, at no additional cost to you.

Mobile monitoring

With the Sunways app you get real-time monitoring of your system’s power generation, as well as automated alerting if there’s an issue.

Sunways Inverter monitoring

Instant system alerts

Any issues with your inverter will be automatically picked up by your installer, with the Sunway web monitoring portal. This makes it easy for the installer to remotely diagnose issues, reconfigure settings and update software. For you, the benefit is faster fixes.


A neat and tidy look is part of what you get with the Sunways inverter. At just 410mm wide x 360mm high x 120mm deep and weighing only 13 kilograms, it’s super compact and unobtrusive.

Excellent warranty

Peace of mind comes as standard with a 12-year parts and labour warranty on Sunways inverters (extendable up to 20 years).

Europe’s biggest PV project – the 500MW Iberdrola Solar Power Plant in Extremadura, Spain

Europe’s biggest PV project – the 500MW Iberdrola Solar Power Plant in Extremadura, Spain – powered by Suntech


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