Soltaro Battery

Solar Hybrid Inverter and Battery Storage for Homes

Soltaro All-in-One Battery Storage System

Become less reliant on power from the grid with a Soltaro All-in-One Battery Storage System. Store unused power from your solar panels and use it – when you need it – at night or if there’s a power outage.

Aussie-owned, Aussie designed

Launched in 2016, Soltaro is an Aussie-owned, Aussie designed battery storage system that’s taking the global battery storage market by storm. With over 10 megawatt hours of batteries installed, the Soltaro is proving hugely popular in the UK, Europe and Asia as well as Australia.
Built-in reliability

There are lots of reasons for Soltaro’s success. For one, it uses one of the safest, most reliable battery chemistries available – Lithium Iron Phosphate.

Another reason is that it’s an all-in-one unit with the Inverter, Battery, Charger & Battery Management System all in the same box. One unit from one manufacturer. This means there’s just one phone number to call in case something goes wrong. If it does, there’s an Aussie-based tech support person ready to sort things out, delivering top-notch service as part of the Soltaro 10-year product warranty.

Flexible and expandable

The Soltaro will work with an existing solar panel system as a retrofit solution – or it can be used as a complete All-In-One solution for a home going solar for the first time. With the Soltaro you can start small if you like, with 4.5kWh of battery storage, and add to it as your needs change.

Faster payback

The Soltaro delivers a better payback than many other batteries because it can charge and discharge power twice within 24 hours.
For example, if your battery hasn’t been fully charged by your solar power system during the daytime, it can automatically top up with grid power on an off-peak rate (assuming you are on a peak/off-peak tariff). You could then use your stored battery power during peak times (such as during the evenings) rather than drawing from the grid when it is most expensive.
Given that the Soltaro can repeat this charge-discharge cycle twice in a 24 hour period, the net benefit to you is twice the savings compared to other batteries that only work half as hard.

Built tough

Soltaro has been built to withstand tough Australian conditions. Meeting and exceeding Australian standards, it can operate in both extreme heat and cold – from -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.

Greater control

Soltaro puts you in control of your power usage. From the app, you choose which appliances use power from the battery first. You can also switch on appliances remotely so they draw power from your solar power system, or from your battery, when you’re not home. That’s pretty handy if you want to return to a cool house on a 40 degree day!

It’s quiet

We know from experience that the last thing people want it a battery that’s noisy. Once again, the Soltaro fits the bill. No matter whether you get a 4.5kWh battery, or one that’s two or three times bigger, you’ll hardly be able to hear it due to its noise emission rating of less than 25 decibels. That’s a big reason why so many homes in the UK and Europe have a Soltaro All-in-One System installed inside their home, even in the living room!

Ticks all the boxes

Quite simply, the Soltaro ticks all the boxes:

  • Great for homes that already have solar panels (add it on in AC-coupled mode)
  • Great for homes who need both solar power and battery storage – (install it as an all-in-one hybrid system in DC-coupled mode)
  • Keeps power on in your home if there’s a blackout
  • You can choose to start small and add more batteries later
  • Built to withstand tough Aussie weather conditions (both extreme heat and cold)
  • Delivers a faster payback – can charge and discharge twice within a 24 hour period
  • Puts you in control – user-friendly display showing the power flows between the battery, your solar power system, home usage and the grid
  • Install inside or outside
  • ‘Whisper quiet’
  • Based on Lithium Iron Phosphate, one of the safest battery chemistries
  • Australian designed and engineered
  • 10 year product warranty (Only offered by Accredited Soltaro installers)

Soltaro: Built to last. Built to deliver.

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