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About Solaria

Founded in 2000, Solaria is an American-owned technology leader in the solar panel industry, designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most advanced solar panels backed by an industry-leading 25 year product and performance warranty.

Panel design and engineering is undertaken from Solaria’s headquarters in California. Manufacturing takes place at its state-of-the art facility in South Korea.

Top-rated by the world’s most rigorous third-party quality testing organisations including industry watchdog DNV-GL, Solaria’s success is based on its revolutionary reinvention of solar panel design.

Around eight years ago, Solaria’s design team looked at standard solar panels and asked, “how can we improved them?” In conventional panel design they saw dead spots that produced no power, bus bars (the silver ‘stripes’) that create failure points and series wiring that leads to dramatically reduced power loss when a cell is shaded.

So they threw out the traditional rulebook and came up with a revolutionary design that eliminates all common failure points found in conventional panels. They did this using their patented ‘shingle technology’ to create a panel with no dead spots, no bus bars and no series wiring (using parallel sub-strings instead).

Solaria’s ‘shingle’ technology involves cutting solar cells into five equal strips, overlapping them (like shingles on your roof) and packing them more densely into the panel to create a substantially higher-power, more efficient panel.

The result is a highly reliable panel that produces 20% more power than conventional panels and will continue to generate power even when part of the panel is shaded.

With all wiring completely hidden, the Solaria panel looks like a pure black glass sheet – even the screws and frames are black. The result is a sleek, contemporary looking panel that will generate maximum power and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Solaria Solar Panel Detail

Solaria in Australia

Solaria Australia Pty Ltd is the Australian subsidiary of Solaria Corporation with a registered office in Melbourne. Solaria has support available in Australia with representatives located in Sydney and Perth. The company has a strong network of local distributors ensuring ready availability of Solaria panels in all states of Australia.

Solaria panels are listed on the Clean Energy Council approved product list. Only products on this list qualify for the Victorian Government’s Solar Homes Rebate and the Small-scale Technology Certificates from the Federal Government (another form of rebate).

Solaria’s commitment to quality is borne out by the extended warranty provided on its panels. Typically, solar panels in Australia come with a 10 or 15 year product warranty. Solaria panels have a 25 comprehensive product warranty as well as a 25 year performance warranty.

Specialized Solar are a Solaria Pro Partner.

Solaria Pro Partner

Solaria Power XT® Pure Black™ Solar Panels

Solaria Power XT® panels are 365 watt monocrystalline solar panels that combine high levels of efficiency, reliability and power generation with a sleek, contemporary ‘all black’ look.


  • High-power: Solaria panels produce 20% more power than conventional panels. This is because traditional panels waste over 10% of their surface area with inactive areas and visible circuitry that don’t generate power. With Solaria’s patented technology, circuitry is hidden under shingled layers of cells so that virtually all of the panel generates power – not just 90% of it. This means that you get more power per square meter of roof space – an important point if your roof space is limited or you want to maximise power generation in order to charge a home battery storage system or your electric vehicle.

Traditional Solar Panels vs Solaria PowerXT

  • High efficiency: Solaria panels have an efficiency rating of 20.5% making them one of the most efficient panels on the market. Conventional panels typically achieve 15-17% efficiency.
  • Greater shade tolerance: Solaria panels will produce power even when they are partially shaded, unlike conventional panels which can lose up to 100% power when even 10% of the panel is shaded. This is because Solaria panels use a different type of wiring technology from standard panels which ensures that when one section of the panel is affected by shade it doesn’t bring down the performance of the rest of the panel. Solaria’s technology uses sub-strings connected in parallel within each of the four quadrants of the cell (instead of series wiring used on standard panels). Solaria’s innovative design feature dramatically lowers shading losses and boosts energy – so you still get power in the shade.
  • Contemporary, pure black look: With an all-black finish including black frames, black screws and no visible wiring or silver ‘stripes’, Solaria panels are designed to complement the aesthetic appeal of your property. Compared to blue panels with silver stripes, the all-black Solaria panels look modern and will add to the visual appeal of your home.

Solaria Roof

  • Lower costs: Fewer panels are needed to achieve the same power performance compared to standard panels. This means lower installation costs due to quicker installation time and fewer additional system components.

Solaria Power XT® Pure Black™ Solar Panels. Beauty. Efficiency. Power.


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