Powerwave Solar Panels

As Australians begin to shift their buying power, in preference for Australian owned and operated businesses and brands, the news of a 100% Australian owned solar brand comes as a welcome and timely option. Powerwave is an independent solar brand that forms part of The Kingston group – fully owned and operated by Sherard Kingston, with the help of his son, Robert. Their head office on the Gold Coast boasts a 35 year history of business and product evolution which currently employs 84 staff. With the backing of Australia’s largest online electrical wholesaler Tradezone, the underpinning of a $120 million ownership of commercial properties, and the security of product liability policy through Chubb, you can be certain that Powerwave is here to stay and that you will find support for the lifespan of your purchase.

Australia’s solar industry has seen many players pack up shop over the last decade alone. Manufacturers, distributers, and installers have gone out of business leaving Australians without many locally owned options or the confidence that the business will be around for the long run, should the need arise that they require future support. With the strong backing of Tradezone and The Kingston group, Powerwave is a company that you can place your confidence in whilst ensuring that solar jobs remain onshore.

Investment and expansion has seen Powerwave set their sights on new distribution centres across Australia and a goal of employment growth to over 200 staff during 2021. Powerwave boasts one of Australia’s most popular residential solar panels on the market, the Twin Power 330w Split-cell Black Frame Mono Perc panel, with new product lines being released over the coming months. Expansion into the large scale market will see Powerwave develop products for the 350-370w power class in the near future.

Underpinning Powerwave’s brand is their dedication to customer service and experience. Customers can rest assured that their purchase will be backed for years to come.


Powerwave Twin Power 330 Watt Mono Perc Split Cell Solar Panels Brochure
Powerwave Energy Warranty Procedure
Powerwave M2/P2 Installation Manual

For further information, head to powerwave.com.au