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Delta Electronics is part of the multi-billion dollar Delta Electronics Group which is headquartered in Taiwan. Founded in 1971, Delta Electronics Group is the world’s largest power electronics company making industry, medical and consumer electronics as well as solar inverters.

A truly global organisation, Delta has 175 offices worldwide including in Australia. They have 69 research and development centres and employ over 9,000 engineers across their manufacturing plants in Asia, USA and Europe.

From solar systems on residential rooftops and commercial buildings through to megawatt-scale solar plant applications, Delta have proven reliability and performance capabilities packaged in compact, footprint-conscious and affordable solutions.

113MW solar farm in Vandel, Denmark which is powered by 1,508 units of Delta’s M50A inverters
113MW solar farm in Vandel, Denmark which is powered by 1,508 units of Delta’s M50A inverters

In 2019 the Delta Group posted an annual profit of AUD$1.1 billion, proof of the financial stability of this mega electronics organisation.

Also in 2019, independent industry testing body PV Evolution Labs named Delta inverters as an industry top performer.

“Given their performance in independent testing it seems clear that Delta inverters are high quality across a number of different areas. The financial strength of the Delta Group and the fact they have an office in Victoria, provides some confidence that you won’t be left stranded if something goes wrong.” – Australian Industry Review Website, Solar Choice 2021

Delta’s Australian office is located in Notting Hill, Victoria.

Delta’s Solar Inverters

Single Phase Inverters

Delta’s series of single-phase inverters are suitable for general residential buildings and small commercial sites. They come in a range of sizes from 2.5kW up to 10kW with the new Delta H8E (8kW) and H10E (10kW) Inverters.

Extremely lightweight, Delta Inverters are quick and easy to install. In addition to their fanless design reducing running noise, they can be connected to cloud management platforms and mobile app services for data management and remote monitoring.

Three Phase Inverters

Delta’s three-phase inverters are suitable for three-phase residential properties, commercial, industrial and large-scale utility solar plant applications where maximum versatility, reliability and performance are important.

Advantages of Delta Inverters

High efficiency

Residential inverter efficiency standards are generally 95 to 98 per cent. Delta inverters are towards the top end of this range with their H8E and H10E Home Series coming in at 98 percent efficiency.


Delta Inverters are extremely compact compared to many other equivalent inverters, as well as a lot lighter. For example, the Delta Home Series H5A – at just 380 (W) x 318 (H) x 130 (D) mm and weighing only 12kg – hardly takes up any space and looks neat and unobtrusive.

Handles the heat

One of the strengths of Delta inverters is that – due to their robust die-cast enclosure and high power density – they can get very hot (65 degrees Celsius) and still work effectively. In fact, there’s zero performance loss up to 45 degrees Celsius. This means they are a great choice in the hotter parts of Australia.

Transformerless design

The reason why Delta Inverters are so compact, lightweight and efficient is because they use a computerized multi-step process and electronic components to convert DC to high frequency AC, back to DC, and ultimately to standard-frequency AC. Conventional inverters handle this process with a mechanical switch which less efficient and creates more heat and a ‘humming’ noise which is not ideal.

Power-up earlier, finish later

Delta Home Series Inverters run up to 20% longer throughout the day than any other inverter in its class. This series packs a punch with its ultra-low start up voltage – at 30V compared to the equivalent Fronius inverter at 80V – ensuring your solar starts at first light and keeps working until the sun goes down.

Online monitoring

With the MyDeltaSolar online monitoring solution you can see your solar production in real-time and compare it with your home consumption. The consumption monitoring also works at night while you sleep providing 24-hour monitoring.


All Delta Inverters undertake extensive quality control testing and come with a standard 5 year warranty with the option of an extended 10 year Full Swap-out Parts and Labour warranty.


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Delta Contact Details:

Melbourne Office
20-21/45 Normanby Road, Notting Hill, VIC 3168
Tel. : (61) 3 9543 3720