Delta H5A

Delta – New 5kw H5A Solar Inverter – Released in 2020

When you’ve been in the solar game as long as we have, you get to know brands and their products. Delta has, previously, left much to be desired. Their previous products were relegated to the ‘cheap and nasty’ category that would see customers out of pocket and systems out of order. So what has brought Delta out from the rubble and into the spotlight? For that we must go back to where it all started.

Delta began as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – providing parts for everything from vehicles to PCs. Founded in 1971, they have shifted and evolved as the world has moved towards renewable energy. The early 2000’s saw Delta venture into their own branded products. This venture brought forth their very first solar inverter – The Delta Solivia. Their brand was able to weather the failings of the inverter, which was manually manufactured in Thailand, due to their exceptional warranty replacement guarantees and customer service. The shift to solar inverter manufacturing in 2009 saw the tides turn. Quality products began to match their quality service.

Delta now operates two Australian offices, one in Melbourne and the other in Sydney, and another 175 offices across the world. They operate 69 research and development centres and employ over 9000 engineers across their manufacturing plants, which number 37 in Asia, USA and Europe.

Their new residential inverter is the fourth generation of a series of inverters that range from 2.5kw to 5kw systems. Named the H5A, also known as the H5A_222, Delta’s fourth offering is nothing like its predecessors. A favourite amongst installers, the H5A weighs in at 12kg and is small and compact (380 x 318 x 130mm). Something noticeably missing is a display screen. This follows an emerging trend of large European manufacturers removing the screen due to the preference of customers to use apps to access data – rather than physically checking the inverter. The H5A provides wi-fi connectivity as well as P2P (Point to Point) wi-fi access via their MyDeltaSolar app. The P2P option will provide customers, without wi-fi access in their home, the ability to use their phone’s wi-fi to directly connect to the inverter.

Whilst the display screen has been removed, there is simple LED screen that provides indication of faults, wi-fi connectivity, and grid status. Another notable missing component on the H5A is the cooling fans. The inverter has a heatsink that draws heat through fins – thus eliminating the requirement for cooling fans. The elimination not only makes for a quieter inverter but one with fewer moving parts that are usually prone to breakage or dust build up.

The H5A has a built-in smart meter and is ‘plug and play’ – this reduces installation time and costs as well as prevents dust and moisture from entering the unit. The full case powder coating provides fantastic weatherproofing.

So why should you trust a Delta solar inverter? Innovation and time-honoured customer service and warranties has brought Delta to the forefront and has become a trusted brand in the commercial and residential solar sphere. No longer a ‘cheap and nasty’ solar inverter company – the H5A has surpassed its predecessors and provided residential customers a trustworthy system that will stand the test of time.

Product Features

  • Wide input range 30~600Vdc
  • Compact design and light weight for easy installation
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi communication
  • Commissioning via App (iOS/Android)
  • Low noise emission under 20 dB
  • Free MyDeltaSolar cloud online monitoring
  • IP65 protective level
  • Built in Smart Meter / Dry Contact / DRM Port (H5A model only)

When you purchase a Delta H5A_222 through Specialized Solar your product warranty is extended to 15 years – full parts and labour.

This is semi-exclusive to Specialized Solar.  You can view the certificate from Delta presented to Specialized Solar to verify the warranty’s authenticity.


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Delta Contact Details:

Melbourne Office
20-21/45 Normanby Road, Notting Hill, VIC 3168
Tel. : (61) 3 9543 3720

Sydney Office
39 Herbert St, St Leonards NSW 2065
Tel. : (61) 2 9479 4230